What Kind of Chicken Should I Eat?

If you are one of the meat-lovers, most probably, you also consume chicken. Chicken has been praised for many years now because of the nutrients it has. And, when compared to red meat, it is way better to consume it because of the healthy protein it has. But, do you know what kind of chicken to eat or not?

There are actually three types of chickens that you can consume. One is the conventional chickens that we are all familiar with. This type of chicken is raised inside a cage. They do not get to go outside ever. Because of that, they are commonly given antibiotics to fight the diseases that can easily spread due to their close quarters.

Next is organic chickens. As the name suggests, such chickens only eat organic feeds. And they are not injected with antibiotics, unlike conventional chickens. They are sometimes caged but they have access outdoors.

The third type is the free-range chickens. Obviously, these animals have their own freedom. Hence, the foods they eat are mainly bugs, berries, insect larvae, and greens. Studies say that eating free-range chicken is better than the other two because it provides more pros in one’s health.

Free-range chickens are less stressed and they require less to zero amount of vaccines or chemicals. On top of that, they eat less feeds. Thus, one of its benefits is that it gives lesser toxins in our body.

Such chickens also have less fat. Since they are able to roam freely and are exposed to sunshine more, compared to the other types of chickens, they are much healthier. They develop more muscles and have less fat in their bodies. That said, when cooked, their meats do not shrink. Because of that, you now have a good source of protein.

Reports also say that free-range chickens also taste better than organic and the conventional chickens. It is probably caused by the free-range chickens’ diet. A research study even shows that free-range chickens are juicier and tenderer. Their meats have better textures as well. This seems like it is caused by the exercise that they get when they roam around.

Moreover, a free-range chicken’s egg is much healthier than others. It has lesser cholesterol and saturated fat. In addition, its eggs have more omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and beta-carotene compared to the eggs of organic and conventional chickens. Furthermore, the eggs of free-range chickens have higher vitamin D unlike organic and conventional eggs. Studies also show that eating two free-range chickens’ eggs will give a person 63%-125% of vitamin D, which is higher than the suggested daily intake requirement.

However, the only downside of buying free-range chickens is that it can cost you a hefty amount of dollars than buying organic or conventional chickens. Also, this type of chicken is hard to find in the market, as there are only few business owners who raise free-range chickens. Even so, if you are going to look at the benefits it can give you, in the long run, you are ensured that its cost is all worth it.

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