Try What the Char-grill BBQ in Sydney, Australia Can Offer

If you want to get a good taste of the Korean flavors, consider what the Char-grill BBQ specialist in Sydney, Australia can offer. You will be introduced to Korean flavors with many unique cuisines. 678 Korean bbq invigorates your senses through its great service. There are many traditional interiors that will inspire you the most. Prior to the barbeque that you order, it will simply taste delicious.

The best thing about the idea of eating Korean bbq in Sydney is that you enjoy the vibrant atmosphere around. Just like other customers, you will feel the energy and passion that they have for the service and food. There are premium cuts with the same enjoyment and great taste. That is why you do not need to hesitate it further trying the best Korean barbeque.

678 Korean bbq Considered as One of the Best Restaurants in Sydney

Nothing can compare to what this restaurant can offer you with. Its name originates from the philosophy of the mathematical principle. Adding the numbers of six, seven, and eight is equal to twenty-one. This has something to do with how greatness in food is achieved.

When you try this restaurant, it will for sure be a pleasant surprise to you. This is particularly true during the winter days. Sydney has never been like Korea only until you come and visit the restaurant. Some of the Koreans in Sydney are found dining in the restaurant.

Discover the Uniqueness and Distinctiveness of 678 Korean bbq

What more to discover about the restaurant is the walls that are adorned with photographs. These photographs put emphasis on celebrities, actresses, actors, and musicians. The food usually lands at such a speed on your table. The impressive thing is that the staffs are in a hurry to offer the best service possible.

With regard to the dishes served, the Banchan is the most common of them all. This is impressive because it is more than the potato slices and kimchi. You will also love a hot sweet potato, fried fish, salad, steamed egg, and pickled radish.

The Best Korean bbq in Sydney is Prepared for You

Choose from the best Korean barbeque selections that include Wagyu (oyster blade, thinly-sliced brisket, oyster blade) and Prime Pork belly (AUD22), Jowl Cut (AUD21), Soy Marinated Short, and Rib (AUD25).

Be glad that the food served to you is an authentic Korean barbecue. You are sure of it as a good quality meat that is superbly tender. You could it eat or wrap it in lettuce. Add up some pickled banchan vegetables and ssamjang juice if you want.

What more could you ask for?

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