How to Take Control of Your Canine Relationships

Dogs have become well-loved companions for us humans. In fact, BusinessInsider headlines that people love dogs more than other humans per study done in 2018. Of course, dogs play a huge role in our society, from providing companionship to helping secure borders under strict police dog training. In fact, some dog owners love their pets more than their friends and family members.

RSPCA (or the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) reports that “there are over 29 million pets in Australia” making it one of the countries with the highest pet ownership in the world. More than 40 percent of it is dogs. While it does not come as a surprise (given that Australians do love their animals), pet ownership is never easy.

Especially for novices, taking care of dogs requires a lot of patience and adjustment in terms of lifestyle. Some owners seek dog obedience training in Sydney to help them deal with difficult dog behaviors. We’ve seen this in action through Cesar Millan aka the “Dog Whisperer”. He would visit the home of a dog owner who is obviously being dominated by his or her pet. The pet owner’s life is a mess, some would even bawl and cry on TV. And all of a sudden, we see Cesar turn the tables almost instantly using his K9 training techniques. The dominating dog seems to recognize who his master is. Most dog owners do wish they were that white-haired guy as he seems to have immediate control over any dog he encounters.

But one need not be Cesar Millan to start building a strong relationship with your furry friend. ScienceDaily actually reveals that dogs have intelligence that equals a two-year-old human child. This means dogs can recognize stimuli and therefore be trained. You don’t even have to enroll in police dog training courses yet to start the basics because before you even begin your journey with a canine, you must start with yourself. You can never always assume that a dog will adjust to you. You also have to adjust your own behavior, lifestyle, and even your house towards pet ownership. It’s difficult to own a dog when you’re always out or if you’re too busy to care for them.

Once you’ve established your house rules and made your own personal adjustments, then it is time to have your pet acclimate to its new environment. Dogs are very loyal, loving, and empathic creatures. But at the same time, you have to keep up with their playfulness, crazy antics, and overall silliness. Their behavior also depends on their breed. Some are very suitable for companionship while others do a better job protecting. Like humans, dogs also have personalities and they can clash very much with the owners’. This is when police dog training or obedience training courses can help firm up the relationship between you and your paw pal.

If your paw pal has the potential to be a police dog, then get it trained. Go for

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