A Taste of Lebanon Even When You’re in Sydney

Trying out different cuisines is a must for any foodie and Australia is a hotpot of culinary wonders. One cuisine that should be on everyone’s minds should be is Lebanese, a culture that offers amazing chicken and chips. Luckily, Sydney has some authentic Lebanese restaurants to come visit.

Australia is known as a multicultural country. Thus, if you are a big eater, you might love the land down under all the more as it has lots of restaurants that serve almost every country’s authentic dishes, particularly in Sydney. One of the top cuisines that it can offer is its authentic Lebanese chicken and chips. It is not just delicious but it is also healthy due to the fact that they use fresh ingredients and spices. In fact, Lebanese cuisine is considered as one of the healthiest. But, apart from chickens and chips, Australia’s Lebanese restaurants offer more of its authentic and mouth-watering dishes that will surely make you feel like you really are in Lebanon.

Kibbe and Tabbouleh

Needless to say, some of the must-try dishes of an authentic Lebanese restaurant in Australia are the national dishes of Lebanon called kibbe and tabbouleh. For starters, kibbe is a meat pie made of minced lamb and cracked wheat (also known as burghul). On the other hand, tabbouleh is a salad that is made from tomatoes and parsley. And like kibbe, tabbouleh is also made from cracked wheat.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is probably common to some countries and you can find it in almost all of the chicken restaurants in your area. However, Lebanon’s grilled chicken is different. It tastes better than others because of its marinade and when it is barbecued over charcoal, its extra smokiness would make your palate more than satisfied.


Aside from charcoal chicken and its national dishes, their own version of pizza, called manakish, is a must-try as well. Manakish is a bread smothered with sesame seeds, thyme, olive oil, and sumac. It is a popular dish in Lebanon that is usually eaten for breakfast but in Sydney, you can enjoy it all day because of their authentic Lebanese restaurants.

These are just the tip of the iceberg as there are still tons of Lebanese dishes that you need to try. Some might be unavailable to your area but if you want to try such Lebanese dishes other than chicken and chips, Sydney is the best place to be as their restaurants can give your taste buds the best experience.

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