4 Trending Garden and Landscaping Designs in Sydney

Beautiful landscapes and gardens offer inspiration at every turn and one feels the serenity while enjoying the shades and cool under the canopy of trees and the fresh and breezy scent of flowering plants. If you are thinking of building your garden, here are some of the styles and designs that you could steal for your front or backyard through the help of Sydney’s reliable landscapers and gardeners.

Wall garden and landscaping

A walled garden usually has a vertical garden wall or foliage wall. These garden walls use outdoor plants to provide greenery. Vertical wall garden usually sits on or against a wall. This design and style have been trending now and Sydney homes and facilities are having vertical wall garden as this design and style requires not much of fancy garden tools or specialty plants. Landscapers in Sydney recommend this garden design for convenience, low maintenance and costs. It can also be small or large and suits any space.

Green Oasis

This garden and landscape design call for a large space. The main feature is a Gazebo, a pond, and a swimming pool. A patio is also a prominent feature of this landscape design where guests and users can relax. Surrounding is filled-up with diverse plants for shade and cool and breezy atmosphere to complete the oasis concept.

Bloom year-round garden

This design calls for flowering plants that have the characteristic of year-round bloom. Reliable landscapers usually make use of lawn features for an added attraction such as stone fountains or small grotto and stone pathways or bridges.

Rooftop garden

High rise apartments and with limited space can take off with a rooftop garden design. This rooftop garden is to complement the skyline viewing and high-rise apartments in the heart of the city can enjoy this garden design for a cocktail party or early morning or evening sky views.  Garden designers use a variety of plants for this design and also of some garden tools and props.

You can ask a landscaper or a gardener for what trending design fits your garden space. Most of these gardeners and reliable landscapers provide services from designing, planning, building and maintaining your garden and landscapes. They help you choose the right plants, tools and garden features and structure that suit your space. They build an outdoor or indoor garden, a half-exposure or full exposure and natural and organic gardens. Once they have created the garden you’ll start getting benefits like fresh air, aesthetic atmosphere and most importantly a green home.

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